Environmental Commitment

The Geowork Group’s goal is to reduce our environmental impact

According to the United Nations Environment Program, the construction industry accounts for 38% of all CO₂ emissions.
One of the main reasons for this staggering figure is that the technology fueling the construction industry is old, tired, and focused on cost-cutting, not innovation or environmental impact.

First and foremost, we, as an industry and as an individual company, must take action to safeguard our planet for the future by making conscious choices and promoting modern practices. This, in conjunction with increased consumer demand for higher eco-friendly standards, will help to push the industry into lowering the carbon footprint of each project.

Some of the ways we are already implementing Green Construction Practices are as follows;

Near-Future Plans;

Long-Term Goals for a Greener Future;

Realistic Goals

We know that change can’t happen overnight, but having realistic goals helps us to move forward and strive towards a better future. By implementing Green Construction Practices, we hope to preserve the planet for future generations, becoming part of the solution