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Geowork Group AG is a specialized construction and maintenance company equipped to perform on difficult access projects.

We have dedicated divisions, who, alongside our strategic partnerships, can provide solutions for a variety of industries including geotechnical, industrial, commercial, and residential projects.


Geowork Group AG is able to take on projects that can range from the top of a mountain to the depths of a mine and anything in-between.

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According to the United Nations Environment Program, the construction industry accounts for 38% of all CO₂ emissions.

We, as an industry and as an individual company, must take action to safeguard our planet for the future by making conscious choices and promoting modern practices.

About Us

Geowork Group has evolved. We began in a small region of the alps in a very niche area of geotechnical-stabilization. By constantly performing challenging and unusual tasks, Geowork Group has been able to develop limitless skills for problem solving, hone safety practices and build the foundations of this company as it stands today.


Geowork Group’s fleet of specialized equipment gives us the possibility to perform our services at otherwise unreachable locations. Thanks to its portability, our teams can maneuver the equipment efficiently by hand, by helicopter, or by a devised rigging system specific to the terrain. This versatility allows Geowork Group to work in high-angle, remote-access and confined spaces as well as industrial sites and railways safely and with precision. The specially designed fleet is also suitable for general construction projects where our services are required.

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